Yankees’ Josh Donaldson releases non-apology apology


Josh Donaldson (r.) issued a non-apology apology to Tim Anderson,

Josh Donaldson (r.) issued a non-apology apology to Tim Anderson,
Picture: AP

Josh Donaldson had all week to provide you with one thing higher than this. Whether or not he couldn’t or wouldn’t, he didn’t, and identical to his racist remark to Tim Anderson on Saturday, it’s Donaldson’s awful actions that imply greater than his awful phrases.

When you needed to offer Donaldson the advantage of the doubt, to go together with the concept that solely he is aware of for positive what’s in his coronary heart, properly, 5 days later we have now our reply. As a result of after time to replicate on the scenario, faraway from the warmth of the second or no matter different euphemism you need to make use of to additional lengthen privilege to this man, he blew it along with his pitiful Notes App-ology on Thursday.

There’s a ton of gobbledygook in it, so it’s not value analyzing the total textual content of Donaldson’s apology, simply the half the place he lets the masks slip. “I’ve the utmost respect for what Tim Anderson brings to the sport of baseball,” as an example, is apparent bullshit that Donaldson both thought sounded good, or was informed to start out with – and we’re assuming right here that he wrote this himself, which itself is a beneficiant assumption for him.

“My view of that change hasn’t modified and I meant completely no disrespect. Previously, it had by no means been a problem and now that it’s, we have now a mutual understanding.”

If Donaldson’s view hasn’t changed, then why are we even here? The entire reason to apologize is that you’re looking back at something, seeing that you were in the wrong, and asking forgiveness. That’s what apologizing is.

Donaldson didn’t do that, and he doesn’t get that his “meant no disrespect” doesn’t matter when there’s perceived disrespect. This isn’t like a bat flip or a hard slide at second base in a blowout – there’s not an interpretation to be made or a necessary attempt to bridge a cultural gap. When someone says “hey, that was racist,” there are two ways to respond. One is to legitimately apologize, admit ignorance, and pledge to do better. The other is to loudly scream “NO IT WASN’T” and make some nonsensical statement about how you don’t have a racist bone in your body, when what’s being questioned is your racist-ass vocal cords.

When Donaldson says “we have a mutual understanding,” he may legitimately think so, but that doesn’t get him off the hook. Because when he says his view of the situation hasn’t changed, and that “in the past, it had never been an issue,” it gives away that there is no mutual understanding. It had been an issue. That’s what Anderson was saying. Yeah, it hadn’t been an issue to Donaldson, the white MVP “needling” the Black rising star. That’s not the point, and if that isn’t clear to Donaldson, he hasn’t spent enough time thinking about it.

“Jackie was a true American hero and I hold his name in the highest regard.”

Which is why he used it to antagonize Anderson. Nobody is buying this, and Donaldson would have done better to just serve his one-game suspension and let everyone forget about his stupidity.

Instead, he’s let everyone know exactly who he is.

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