What Actually Occurred in Uvalde, Texas?


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Earlier than I start, in the event you imagine Uvalde, Parkland, or any of the opposite faculty shootings didn’t occur, cease studying.

As all of us strive our greatest to make sense of one other mass killing in the US, we’re studying an increasing number of in regards to the scenario and getting a greater image of what did (and didn’t) occur. It’s of the utmost significance to make sense of those occasions and be taught from them. A lot in order that if we had finished precisely that on February 14, 2018, we could have a unique scenario at the moment. I’m going to stipulate the sequence of occasions as said by legislation enforcement officers in Uvalde, TX concerning the taking pictures, adopted by some questions that I really feel are extremely related and want solutions.

However earlier than we begin the timeline, we should first ask an especially necessary query: How did an 18-year-old man, with no identified employment, who was residing along with his grandmother due to an addicted mom, afford:

  • Two costly firearms made by Daniel Protection ($2,000 every)
  • an EOTech optic ($400-$700)
  • 1,657 rounds of .223 ammo ($800-1000 relying on how they had been bought)
  • physique armor ($500-1000)
  • and over 60 magazines ($10-20 every)

TRENDING: Border Brokers Stormed College and Killed Gunman After Native Police Informed them to Wait

For a complete of roughly $6300 to $8,000? Most established grownup Individuals, particularly after the final two years and the present economic system, can’t afford a fraction of that. However this younger 18-year-old was in a position to take action with no identified job and all on a debit (not credit score!) card? In a border city reportedly overrun by the worst of the worst from the US Border…I’ll allow you to make your individual assumptions.

Now, the timeline…this we all know. Nicely, not less than we’ve been advised. Preliminary studies yesterday from Texas DPS spokesman Victor Escalon said that Salvador Ramos shot his grandmother, DM’ed some pals about it on Fb telling them he was going to now shoot up a college, after which drove to Robb Elementary in Uvalde, TX. At 11:28 am he crashed his truck into a big drainage ditch. It seems as if he drove into the ditch by crashing the gate that was securing it, smashing up the entrance of the truck and snapping the axles on the entrance left and rear left of the truck.

In response to Escalon’s presser, this commotion brought on two males from the funeral dwelling to come back outdoors and strategy the truck. Ramos shot on the two males they usually shortly fled, unhurt. The map beneath reveals the funeral dwelling, Robb Elementary, the place the truck crashed (crimson circle) and the unobstructed view out of the home windows of the varsity (massive arrow). It additionally reveals the world of the doorway the place Ramos allegedly entered the constructing (small crimson arrow).

Now could be the place issues get complicated. Yesterday, Victor Escalon advised us that at “11:40, he walks into the west aspect of Robb Elementary. In response to studies, video we now have obtained from outdoors, inside, and once more, we’re nonetheless combing via that…so bear with us…a number of rounds, quite a few rounds are discharged within the faculty…4 minutes later (11:44), native police departments…are inside making entry.”

This may indicate that there was roughly 12 minutes between the crash and preliminary pictures, and Ramos’s final entry into the varsity. In response to Escalon, that is confirmed by video. I’d think about that, in his notes for the press convention, he had the instances from the video written down and referenced these. He was descriptive sufficient to inform us what he did contained in the constructing: “At 11:40, he walks roughly 20ft…30ft…he walks into the hallway, he makes a proper, walks one other 20ft. Turns left right into a classroom. Right into a classroom…that has doorways that open within the center.”

Now once more: that point is necessary. That’s now twice Escalon has referenced that point, 11:40, because the time he entered and stated it got here from video proof that they’ve.

Enter Col. Steven McGraw, Director of Texas DPS, Right now:

His timeline is as follows:

11:27: One minute earlier than Ramos crashes his truck, a trainer props open the door which Ramos finally makes use of to enter the varsity. This door is reportedly usually *locked*.

11:28: Ramos crashes into the ditch. The trainer runs to room 132 to retrieve a cellphone. The identical trainer walks again to the exit door and the door stays propped open.

(No time given): Ramos opens the truck and two males from the funeral dwelling, who had been checking on him, take off operating after they see a gun. They’re shot at however nobody is hit.

11:30: The trainer runs again inside, panicked, and apparently calls 911. Door stays propped open. The usage of the phrase “apparently” is peculiar. At this level within the investigation, with this detailed of a timeline, you’d suppose that trainer has been recognized, confirmed and an announcement taken, that they did in reality name 911.

11:31: suspect reaches final row of automobiles in class parking zone.

11:31: Suspect shoots AT faculty (not from inside the varsity) whereas patrol automobiles get to the funeral dwelling simply 100-250ft away from the varsity opening.

It’s at this level that McGraw reiterates Escalon’s level that there was no UCISD officer (Uvalde Co Impartial College District) on scene or on campus, however that the officer (who was usually on campus?) sped again to the place he thought the shooter could be, which turned out to be a trainer. In doing so, he drove proper by the suspect, who was hunkered down behind a car. Ramos then started taking pictures on the faculty.

11:32: Suspect shoots extra rounds into the varsity.

11:33: Suspect enters the varsity. Be aware: legislation enforcement is *reportedly* on the funeral dwelling 100-200ft from the doorway Ramos used. Within the two minutes that reportedly elapsed, nobody was in a position to pinpoint his location and have interaction? Had the door been correctly closed and locked, Ramos wouldn’t have gained entry to the varsity, not less than not as simply as he did.

11:33: Suspect shoots into room 111 or 112. It’s unclear from video. Audio proof suggests he shot not less than 100 rounds.

11:35: Three law enforcement officials (Uvalde PD) enter the identical door Ramos used . Then one other staff of three UPD officers and a Uvalde Sheriff deputy enter. Two of the primary three officers obtained grazing wounds from the suspect whereas the door was closed.

11:37-11:44: 16 extra rounds had been fired by Ramos.

11:51: A police sergeant and USB (Border Patrol?) brokers arrive.

12:03: Officers proceed to reach. As many as 19 officers are actually within the hallway outdoors the classroom.

12:15: BORTAC (Border Patrol Tactical Unit) members arrive with ballistic shields.

12:21: Suspect shoots once more.

11:50 (12:50?): They breach the door utilizing keys from janitor “as a result of each doorways had been locked when officers arrived.” Suspect is killed.

Each of those timelines, comparatively, are very complicated and considerably contradictory of one another. How is it that two full days after the occasion, the timestamps from the movies used for yesterday’s press convention weren’t precisely portrayed to the press, however distances and different related particulars had been? There may be already sufficient strain and outrage over the truth that it took virtually an hour and a half from the wreck to the suspect’s demise, nearly all of that with Ramos INSIDE the classroom. Such reporting inaccuracies from DPS is ridiculous and results in lack of religion and transparency in reporting.

Shimon Prokupecz of CNN put it finest when he requested Escalon yesterday: “What had been the officers doing between 11:44 and 12:44?…We’ve been given plenty of dangerous info…so why don’t you clear all of this up now and clarify to us how your officers had been in there for an hour, sure rescuing individuals, however nobody was in a position to get inside that room?”

After at the moment’s press convention, there are a ton of recent questions. However I’m only a small time citizen journalist who won’t ever get the chance:

  1. Why did a *trainer* prop open a safe entry precisely one minute earlier than the shooter arrived on scene?
  2. Why did that trainer not shut the door and guarantee it was locked after they reportedly noticed the accident, the pictures fired, retrieved their cellphone, and referred to as 911 to report it?
  3. Col. McGraw stated the trainer “apparently” referred to as 911…has DPS confirmed the trainer referred to as 911? Have they confirmed it was a trainer who propped open the door?
  4. Why did the timeline shrink by seven minutes from yesterday to at the moment when yesterday’s press convention was given primarily based on video proof as said by Escalon within the presser? It was not as if Escalon responded to a query, off the cuff, with the instances. It was a part of his deliberate and detailed assertion to the press. Are you telling me one thing as necessary as time, which he reiterates the time twice, was inaccurate on the video? Or did he simply make up “11:40” when he was writing the press convention with out bothering to verify the time?
  5. The place was the varsity’s police officer and why was he not on faculty property? The place was he that he was in a position to reply in beneath three minutes time however unable to seek out the wrecked truck and correlate the closest entry to the varsity to the wreck? How did he not hear the gun pictures going off in his instant neighborhood when he, or different officers, had been reportedly on the funeral dwelling?
  6. Why had been seven officers not in a position to breach a room with two doorways and home windows to remove the suspect?
  7. Why might they STILL not breach the room with 19 officers?
  8. Why did it take a BORTAC unit and ballistic shields to breach the room?
  9. Why was BORTAC even there? A federal legislation enforcement company tasked with border safety is by some means on scene in a college taking pictures?
  10. Why had been US Marshalls out entrance of the varsity in satisfactory PPE (private protecting gear) holding again mother and father and waving tasers at them, however not serving to with the scenario inside the varsity?
  11. Col. McGraw reported that BORTAC used keys from the janitor to “breach” the room. Let’s be actual: it’s merely referred to as unlocking…breaching is outlined as “to make a niche in by battering” in keeping with Merriam Webster Save the “heroic” sounding phrases for the investigations. However I digress: If BORTAC was in a position to “breach” with the keys after an hour outdoors the room, would Ramos have been in a position to “breach” the classroom if the doorways had been locked? Had been they locked and if not, why?

We now have testimony from legislation enforcement {that a} trainer propped open the entry door one minute earlier than the accident, in keeping with Col. McGraw. We’ve got the trainer who propped open the door calling 911 however NEVER secured the door once more. The suspects walks via stated door at both 11:33 or 11:40, relying on which press convention you watched, and walks down a corridor and right into a room which will or could not have been locked. When it was locked by Ramos when he entered, it took BORTAC finding a set of keys to “breach”. Would it not have taken Ramos the identical set of keys to enter? Would it not have delayed him sufficient that the three officers who reportedly entered moments after Ramos would have been in a position to then confront him within the hallway previous to getting into the classroom?

While you pair all of this with the truth that an 18 12 months outdated dropout with no identified job, an addict mom he left to stay in a small dwelling along with his grandma, by some means scrapes up not less than $6,000 to purchase weapons and kit after which proceeds to shoot that grandmother that took him in…properly, it’s weird.

To make the story much more weird, The Guardian Information interviewed Ramos’s mom. She stated “He had his causes for doing what he did. And please don’t decide him. I simply need…to the harmless kids who died, forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive my son. I do know he had his causes….To get nearer to his kids… as an alternative of taking note of issues, the opposite dangerous issues…” The outline on the YouTube video says “Full report: Texas police made ‘incorrect resolution’, says official”

Very unusual.

911 Name Timeline:

12:03: Caller from Room 112 requires 1 min 23 seconds, whispering she’s in Room 112.

12:10: Calls again and suggested “a number of lifeless”

12:13: Calls once more

12:16: Calls once more and says “8-9 college students alive”

12:19: One other caller in Room 111 calls and hangs up when one other pupil tells her to hold up.

12:21: One other name the place you possibly can hear three pictures fired.

12:36: One other name for 21 seconds. Caller/Scholar was advised to remain on the road and be quiet. Scholar stated “he shot the door”.

12:43 and 12:47: She asks 911 to “please ship the police NOW”

12:46: She stated she might hear the police subsequent door.

12:50: pictures are fired.

12:51: It’s loud and seems like officers are transferring kids out of the room.


We’re advised the shooter introduced 15 whole magazines into the varsity. 11 had been dropped inside the varsity. Three had been on the suspect’s physique. Two had been in room 112. Six had been inside room 111. 5 had been on the bottom and one was within the rifle.

32 magazines had been left outdoors the varsity: one outdoors the constructing and 31 contained in the suspects backpack that he didn’t take into the lecture rooms with him.

There have been 15 magazines on the crash web site. Two left at his residence.

He had a complete of 1,657 rounds of ammunition. 315 had been inside the varsity. 142 had been spent. 173 had been stay rounds. 922 had been outdoors the varsity. 22 had been spent. 900 had been stay. 422 had been on the crash web site. 22 had been spent. 400 had been stay.

Legislation enforcement spent 35 rounds inside the varsity. Eight within the hallway and 27 in room 111 had been the suspect was killed.

On-line Warnings:

Ramos despatched a Fb message about taking pictures his grandma, after which one other about going to shoot up the varsity earlier than he left for Robb Elementary.

In September of 2021, Ramos requested his sister to assist him purchase a gun, to which she refused.

Ramos had a Instagram chat the place he mentioned “being a college shooter” on Feb 28, 2022. He then mentioned shopping for a gun in March 1 2022 on Instagram. On March 3, 2022 somebody on Instagram stated “Phrase on the road, you’re shopping for a gun” to which Ramos replied “I simply purchased one thing rn (proper now)”.

March 14th, 2022, on Instagram, Ramos stated “10 extra days”. A consumer replied “Are you going to shoot up a college or one thing?” Ramos answered “No…cease asking dumb questions. You’ll see”

Whereas many within the mainstream are calling for laws to ban firearms and limit all types of possession, we should, as soon as once more, take a look at the entire warning indicators that had been staring us within the face. Regardless of the weird purchases and requests of household to buy a gun, how can we overlook the truth that Fb and Instagram each had alternatives to not less than elevate concern? Instagram, which is owned by Fb/META, having the obvious: speaking about being a college shooter simply three months in the past. I do know what you’re pondering: do we actually need social media spying on our conversations although? Newsflash: They already are. Jan 6 detainees had been found via social media posts and “selfies”. “However CannCon, that’s not personal messages!” No, its not. But in addition: they’re not “personal”. Fb and all the opposite social media platforms are personal corporations, and as such, we now have no privateness. We could *suppose* our direct messages are personal, however they don’t seem to be. And lets be actual: our textual content messages on our cell telephones most likely aren’t both, however that’s one other matter.

Why is it that these main social media conglomerates will flag our posts, droop us, ban us, label us “misinformation” in a moments time once we discuss COVID vaccines, the 2020 election, or Hunter’s laptop computer, however when an 18 12 months outdated mentions “being a college shooter”, crickets.

Maybe within the coming days, we’ll get solutions to most of those questions. Though, most likely not.

This text was republished by The Gateway Pundit with permission.

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