Transcript: Rep. Patrick McHenry on “Face the Nation,” March 19, 2023


The next is a transcript of an interview with Rep. Patrick McHenry, Republican of North Carolina, that aired on “Face the Nation” on Sunday, March 19, 2023.

MARGARET BRENNAN: We’re joined now by the Chairman of the Home Monetary Providers Committee, North Carolina Congressman Patrick McHenry. Good morning. Good to have you ever right here in individual. 

REP. PATRICK MCHENRY: Nice to be right here.

MARGARET BRENNAN: I wish to go into the banking disaster, however I first wish to ask you a couple of bit- little bit of enterprise in regard to what Speaker McCarthy has mentioned. He is directing Congress to analyze, he tweeted, whether or not federal funds are being utilized by the state of New York the place a grand jury could quickly indict the 45th President. Why is he issuing this risk? And it is not this sort of congressional investigation simply utilizing federal funds from U.S. taxpayers on a political errand?

REP. MCHENRY: Effectively, I have not had a possibility to speak to Speaker McCarthy in a single day since that tweet, nor Chairman Comer of the Oversight Investigations Committee, nor Chairman Jordan of the Judiciary Committee. I am chair of the Home Monetary Providers Committee, I have been caught up in a little bit of the turbulence within the banking sector–

MARGARET BRENNAN: However you are one of many prime main Republicans, I imply, do you agree with federal cash getting used on a state investigation or casting doubt? I imply, what’s it about?

REP. MCHENRY: The query here- the query right here and I feel the viable query for the American folks is whether or not or not you may have a progressive prosecutor utilizing the justice system to go after political enemies for political splash. And that appears to be the case right here with the Manhattan D.A. However as I mentioned, I’ve spent most of my time targeted on what’s at hand–

MARGARET BRENNAN: Do you suppose it is a good use of taxpayer cash?

REP. MCHENRY: Effectively I feel it is a questionable use of taxpayer cash to permit a prosecutor to make use of the justice system to go after somebody–

MARGARET BRENNAN: That is an issue for New Yorkers, is not it?

REP. MCHENRY: Proper, however it’s becoming- it is turning into an issue for Individuals if you see folks focused in the- and that is the explanation why Speaker McCarthy arrange the Weaponization of Authorities committee for- the inside the Judiciary Committee. And that is the explanation why Jim Jordan is main that- that effort.

MARGARET BRENNAN: However you are attempting now to deal with issues of substance which might be at disaster stage, within the banking sector. Ought to one of many ‘too huge to fail’ banks, the big systemically necessary banks, be capable of step in right here and purchase up a troubled financial institution like First Republic?

REP. MCHENRY: I feel all choices needs to be on the desk. That is what I am contemplating legislatively, that is what I’d encourage the administration to think about as effectively. There are a number of things–

MARGARET BRENNAN: Is there something that might block that form of white knight rescue?

REP. MCHENRY: Effectively, that is what we now have to unravel. In the intervening time I feel it is necessary the American folks believe within the monetary system and their financial institution, and I feel that’s the crucial proper now. That is the explanation why I supported the FDIC and feds- Treasury’s determination final Sunday night time. I believed it was an crucial for the nation. Now, what I have to unravel investigatively, in Congress, is the who, what, when, the place, why, and the way of those financial institution failures and the choice over–

MARGARET BRENNAN: Signature and Silicon Valley? 

REP. MCHENRY: That is proper. After which, over the- and the choice remodeled the weekend. We noticed a non-public sector response to assist help a financial institution. Was {that a} viable choice final weekend? Or was there an ideological lens that prevented them from taking these establishments and making it much less turbulent for America?

MARGARET BRENNAN: That is why I used to be asking the query I requested you, as a result of what you are suggesting there may be that the Biden administration did not need a huge financial institution to return to the rescue here– 

REP. MCHENRY: We do not know that.

MARGARET BRENNAN: And we’re now in a continued disaster. You do not have a solution to–

REP. MCHENRY: I haven’t got the info on whether or not or not the FDIC had a viable purchaser final weekend. We’ve got press studies of two- two banks that have been on the desk. We’ve got feedback from different bankers, they have been prevented from bidding. I haven’t got the info, and till I’ve the info, I am not going to attract a conclusion, particularly in a second like this– 

MARGARET BRENNAN: However you are suggesting it may have made issues worse. 

REP. MCHENRY: Effectively, I feel we all know we had a really tough week for American banking, and we lost- misplaced confidence. And- and I feel that is- that raises the questions of what occurred final weekend.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Effectively, when it comes to what occurs proper now, ought to a ‘too huge to fail’ financial institution be capable of purchase up one in all these banks like First Republic to- to cease the bleeding?

REP. MCHENRY: All choices needs to be on the desk.

MARGARET BRENNAN: You probably did hear Senator Elizabeth Warren counsel that she would favor a congressional initiative to raise the insurance coverage on at the moment uninsured deposits, these above $250,000. She put a cap of two to 10 million {dollars}. For the way lengthy? How huge? Who does that apply to? How would you craft that? Do you see an opportunity to work right here?

REP. MCHENRY: Effectively, it is the primary time I’ve heard a proposal like that. And I’ve not had a single dialog with the White Home or the administration about deposit insurance coverage, altering the degrees. What I’ll do although, legislatively, and in an oversight operate is to find out whether or not or not we have to deal with the FDIC deposit stage. We did it after the final monetary disaster elevating from $100,000 to $250,000. We had a brief program, post-financial disaster to help deposits, to make sure that of us had confidence of their native financial institution. What I wish to know is the commerce off although, the ethical hazard of getting extra danger taking within the monetary sector, and in addition the influence it could have on neighborhood banks. We’ve got far fewer neighborhood banks now than we have had in generations. That is a major downside for competitors within the monetary providers enviornment.

MARGARET BRENNAN: That space we’re seeing the strain proper now could be that mid-size, although, not the neighborhood banks.

REP. MCHENRY:  Sure, and people mid-sized banks have regulatory capital necessities, vital capital necessities, that put them in comparable positions with their friends. We’ve got to take a look at that as effectively.

MARGARET BRENNAN: On this divided Washington, is there something that would really go in addition to the clawbacks, which I assume may be very fashionable on each side of the aisle?

REP. MCHENRY: Effectively, look, what we do know is depositors are made complete in America in a financial institution failure, that bondholders are worn out, these stockholders are worn out, and the executives get worn out, so, stepping back–

MARGARET BRENNAN: Proper, nobody desires to make use of the time period authorities bailout, I get that. 

REP. MCHENRY: Effectively–

MARGARET BRENNAN: However we’re within the midst of an ongoing, probably rolling disaster. May one thing like FDIC insurance coverage really go proper now, lifting that cap,

REP. MCHENRY: It is- all choices needs to be on the desk, and that is how I am approaching it. But when we do that, we now have to grasp their trade-offs. It isn’t a pure play of permitting a bigger set of insurance coverage protection. It prices the monetary system considerably, and particularly neighborhood banks. We have to look very fastidiously at this. However stepping again, the query of what the FDIC did to backstop deposits of those two establishments, is within the nature of the regulation we created 90 years in the past to create the FDIC fund. It’s a mutual insurance coverage fund, and the trade pays for that, not the taxpayers, and I feel they acted appropriately.

MARGARET BRENNAN: You are calling within the head of the FDIC and the Vice Chair for Supervision from the Fed’s Board of Governors. What’s your intent? And can you name up Mary Daly, the pinnacle of the San Francisco Federal Reserve?

REP. MCHENRY: Effectively, first issues first, the heads of those companies, the Vice Chair for Supervision on the Fed, and the Chair of the FDIC, we have to perceive the choices that have been made final weekend, on- from Thursday till Sunday night time on whether or not or not there is a viable non-public sector answer. We additionally want to grasp the underlying causes of the collapse of those banks, and we’ll get to that. The query of the San Francisco Fed is a query of supervision. We have to unravel whether or not or not it is a supervisory downside, regulatory downside, a financial institution mismanagement downside, maybe all three in all- in all frankness.

MARGARET BRENNAN: I wish to ask you about a number of the issues being mentioned, populist politics round banking everybody engages in–

REP. MCHENRY: It by no means ends. 

MARGARET BRENNAN: It by no means ends. However the two banks that did fail, they have been in New York, they usually have been in California. Conservatives like Mike Pence, Ron DeSantis, Donald Trump, your colleague James Comer, they’re throwing round phrases like ‘woke banks advancing the liberal agenda.’ They’re blaming variety and environmental initiatives. Is not there a hazard in casting a really substantive, energetic disaster, when it comes to a tradition warfare?

REP. MCHENRY: I feel everybody’s preaching their e-book. And that is what we heard in your first segment–

MARGARET BRENNAN: Proper, however, you agree that is not useful.

REP. MCHENRY: Preaching their e-book. And their e-book is, effectively, in the event that they thought it was an issue a month in the past, they apply it to this circumstance. That is taking place on each side of the aisle. However in relation to the query of ESG, and these initiatives, my fellow–

MARGARET BRENNAN: Environmental initiatives–

REP. MCHENRY: Social and governance–

MARGARET BRENNAN: Proper, and the encouragement of firms to take that into consideration with their funding.

REP. MCHENRY: Sure. So there is- there was a number of political debate about that. There’s substance right here. And if the administration of those establishments was way more involved about politics, or the environmental or social items, reasonably than the governance laws, making certain you had a succesful board, you had correct oversight of individuals’s deposits, then this exhibits they’d mismanagement. So, I feel there there are pure questions that we have–

MARGARET BRENNAN: However, do you may have proof of that, that the- I imply, there wasn’t a danger officer totally at Silicon Valley Financial institution for an prolonged time frame.

REP. MCHENRY: Sure and also you had only a few those that had banking experience on the board of the financial institution. So there are some questions, pure questions we must always raise–

MARGARET BRENNAN: However, that is bad- that is dangerous administration, that is not ‘woke banking,’ no matter meaning.

REP. MCHENRY: However as I mentioned, no matter your e-book of enterprise was, as a politician a month in the past, a 12 months in the past, is utilized to this normal circumstance. What I am attempting to do is get to the small print of what occurred and have whether- effectively, after which decide whether or not or not there is a correct legislative response. However when- when you may have a hammer, you take a look at the world as a nail, and that is what we see out of politicians. I am attempting to be of substance and deal with the problems at hand and be sure that we repair the issues.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Sure. So, President Biden has requested Congress to this point, possibly he requested for different issues. The one factor he is requested for, to this point, is to have the ability to claw again salaries of these, or pay to executives of failed banks, after which to ban them from working within the monetary trade. This already exists for the good huge banks. Senator Warren helps that. Does that go Congress?

REP. MCHENRY: Effectively, it is one thing I’ll look at- take a look at and take into account.

MARGARET BRENNAN: But it surely does not must do the energetic disaster. 

REP. MCHENRY: No, it does- it does not. However in response to those issues, we all know that they’re identified failures of this. We noticed, as an illustration, deposits carry out another way than regulators assumed, that uninsured deposits left at a extra speedy fee than the insured deposits. That is a brand new phenomenon. When we now have the velocity of Twitter and a financial institution run, and the velocity of digital banking, these issues are issues that we have to take a look at legislatively and regulatorily. The query of efficiency of financial institution executives, we definitely want to take a look at that and be sure that they’re aligned with client safety and depositor curiosity.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Congressman, we shall be watching your upcoming listening to. Thanks. Face the Nation shall be again in a minute. Stick with us.

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