STUNNING: Janet Yellen Admits Smaller Regional Midwest Banks Will Not Be Bailed Out – Solely Massive Banks Deemed Worthy by Biden Regime (VIDEO)


On Thursday, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Thursday testified earlier than the Senate Finance Committee.

Throughout her testimony, Secretary Janet Yellen admitted that smaller regional banks throughout the nation won’t be bailed out by the US authorities.  Solely bigger banks will likely be bailed out like Silicon Valley Financial institution and their depositors from China linked to the Chinese language Communist Celebration.  You actually wouldn’t imagine it until you heard it for your self.

Senator James Lankford, Republican from Oklahoma, grilled Yellen on who will likely be bailed out by the federal authorities and who won’t.  Lankford identified that the Biden-Yellen plan will power Individuals to take cash out of smaller banks and deposit it within the chosen banks the federal government has deemed worthwhile of defending.

As soon as once more, that is one thing straight out of a third-world nation.

Right here is the transcript:

Sen. Lankford: Will the deposits in each group financial institution in Oklahoma, no matter their measurement, be totally insured now? Are they totally recovered? Each financial institution, each group financial institution in Oklahoma, whatever the measurement of the deposit, will they get the identical remedy that SVBP simply obtained or Signature Financial institution simply obtained?

Janet Yellen: A financial institution solely will get that remedy if a majority of the FDIC board, a supermajority, a supermajority of the Fed board, and I, in session with the president, decide that the failure to guard uninsured depositors would create systemic danger and important financial and monetary penalties.

Sen. Lankford: Proper. So what’s your plan to maintain massive depositors from transferring their funds out of group banks into the massive banks? We now have seen the mergers of banks over the previous decade. I’m involved you’re about to speed up that by encouraging anybody who has a big deposit in a group financial institution to say, we’re not going to make you entire, however when you go to one among our most popular banks, we’ll make you entire at that time.

Janet Yellen: Look, I imply, that’s actually not one thing that we’re encouraging…

Extra Yellen: Properly, we felt that there was a critical danger of contagion that would have introduced down and triggered runs on many banks. And that’s one thing, provided that our judgment is that the banking system general is protected and sound. Depositors ought to believe within the system, and we took these actions.

Lankford: So there’s a particular evaluation that’s been accomplished on group banks in my state and all banks throughout the nation. Was there any dialogue that that particular evaluation would solely apply to the bigger banks? Or was it at all times assumed the particular evaluation would cowl each financial institution, together with rural banks in my state?

Janet Yellen: I’m not sure what the foundations are round that for the FDIC to find out.

Sen. Lankford: It has been reported publicly that Svb had numerous Chinese language buyers which might be there, together with some that had been corporations straight linked to the Chinese language Communist Celebration. Will these people, corporations, entities, and buyers which might be Chinese language buyers be made entire primarily based on assessments in my banks in Oklahoma? So what I’m asking is, will my banks in Oklahoma pay a particular evaluation to have the ability to make Chinese language buyers entire from Silicon Valley Financial institution?

Janet Yellen: Uninsured buyers will likely be made entire in that financial institution, and I suppose that would embody overseas depositors, however I don’t imagine there’s any authorized foundation to discriminate amongst uninsured.

Sen. Lankford: I get it, however I’m simply saying my group banks are going to pay this extra price. It’s at all times fascinating to me as properly, the dialog that taxpayers are being made entire on this, that taxpayers aren’t going to have any sort of consequence on this. I’m certain my bankers are going to be very excited to know they not pay taxes.

James Lankford was actually at his greatest. This newest coverage by the Biden regime spells catastrophe for smaller banks within the US!

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