Rudy Giuliani Blows A Gasket And Starts Screaming At People At A Parade


Rudy Giuliani was marching in a parade when he melted down and began screaming at folks that they had been as demented as Biden.


After a parade attendee mentioned one thing to him, Giuliani got here to the railing and mentioned, “Crime was down 40% underneath me. It’s up 40% underneath him. I diminished crime, you jackass. You’re a brainwashed a-hole, and also you’re most likely as demented as Biden.”

Rudy Giuliani is the final individual on earth who must be speaking about dementia. Giuliani apparently misplaced his thoughts years in the past and is a shell of the human being who was supposedly America’s Mayor after 9/11.

Giuliani ought to most likely tread rigorously when speaking about crime as effectively as a result of he’s underneath investigation by the DOJ for quite a few potential felonies concerning his business dealings with Russian-affiliated Ukrainians. 

The previous mayor is more likely to find yourself turning into a convicted felon sooner or later within the close to future.

Rudy Giuliani has actually turn out to be the man screaming at strangers on the road. With this man as his lawyer, it’s no shock that Donald Trump has misplaced so many courtroom instances.

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