John Fetterman Attracts Huge Crowd Of 500 In County Trump Gained With 68%


Donald Trump gained Indiana County, PA with 68% of the vote in 2020, however Senate candidate John Fetterman drew 500 folks for a rally on Tuesday.

The gang at Indiana College of Pennsylvania to see Fetterman:

Extra pics of Fetterman:

Indiana County does have some wiggle room in its voting numbers. Trump might have gotten 68% of the vote however within the 2018 Senate election, Sen. Bob Casey obtained 43% of the vote. In the identical election, Gov. Tom Wolf (D) additionally obtained 43% of the vote.

John Fetterman gained’t win Indiana County, however it’s potential that he might do what Wolf and Casey did in Indiana and break 40% of the vote. If Fetterman does break 40% in Indiana County, it would doubtless imply that Dr. Ozgot blown out within the election.

Fetterman is doing precisely what Joe Biden did to win Pennsylvania in 2020. The Lt. Governor is energizing Democrats in deep-red areas of the state to stop Ozfrom operating up the rating. A Democrat that holds down the Republican margins in areas like Indiana County stands a superb probability of carrying the state.

John Fetterman is up the polls, however he continues to journey all through the state to get each single vote potential into his column by election day.

It’s a good technique that energizes votes in purple areas that always really feel forgotten and ends in statewide victory.


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