Explosive Tape Suggests GOP Fury And Suspicion About Lauren Boebert Stay-Tweeting Positions On Jan sixth


New Choose Committee proof continues to leak out previous to tonight’s primetime listening to. One tape, particularly, demonstrates close to irrefutable proof that some Republicans in Congress had “suspicions” within the days after January sixth concerning their hardcore MAGA colleagues, a bunch that would come with, amongst others,  Reps. Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Jim Banks, Jim Jordan, and the middle of this controversy, Rep. Lauren Boebert, who was instantly confronted throughout what feels like a Republican convention name within the days after January sixth.

As practically all bear in mind, Boebert is the one who tweeted Speaker Pelosi’s place in real-time.

Boebert additionally tweeted: “We had been locked within the Home Chambers.” at 2:17 p.m. that afternoon making a gift of the Representatives’ location, The weird and harmful tweets clearly angered Rep. Herrera Beutler as a result of she confronted Boebert. Boebert will need to have been flapping her mouth about securing the Capitol (already constructing a case in opposition to Pelosi) when one can hear Herrera-Beutler interrupt:

Is it true that you simply had been live-tweeting from the ground our location to the folks on the skin as we had been being attacked, Lauren?”

Clearly, Lauren had nowhere to cover, the tweet is as much as at the present time. Boebert responded:

“Umm, sure. These tweets did exit and that was one thing that was reside and public info. It was broadcast reside.”

Cease there momentarily. Discover the defensiveness. Many individuals who learn the Pelosi tweet at first look interpreted the tweet as, “Oh my God, it’s so dangerous that they’ve even taken the Speaker out!” Then maybe tweeting that it’s so horrible that they’re locked in! Describing her personal worry. And but Boebert defensively admits to tweeting positioning with out providing any motive for doing so, defensively saying it was on reside tv so how may it’s secret? Clearly, the attackers weren’t watching tv, nor would Boebert know on the time what reside tv was broadcasting. Solely Boebert is uninteresting sufficient to not see the intense issues in her defensive reply and, critically, lack of a proof as to why she despatched them out.

At that time, Herrera-Beutler dismissed Boebert with disgust that drips by means of the recording:

“So don’t ask us about safety should you’re telling the attackers the place we’re at! I yield again.”

Extra beneath the tape:

It’s onerous to listen to the recording with out additionally desirous about Jim Jordan’s confrontation with Liz Cheney in the course of the Jan. 6 melee. Jordan supplied his arm to Cheney, who slapped it away and stated one thing unusually private; “You fcking did this!” There was extra, however Cheney’s phrases look like directed at Jordan personally as if within the closed-off world that’s Congress, there had been rumors such that individuals knew one thing was coming and who personally was concerned.

Final, I attempt to play this as usually as potential, so folks don’t forget. The actual fact {that a} lady who had by no means even been sworn into Congress attended a gathering on the White Home in late December 2020. The assembly was about planning for January sixth. Most first time period representatives can solely hope for a bunch image with the president, not conferences within the White Home for what we had been advised was a “protest.”

I’ll shut by noting that lots of the folks on the middle of all of the suspicion frequently used the phrases “patriots” for the protesters and referenced 1776. Herrera-Beutler had motive to be suspicious of Boebert.




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