Can the Future be Altered?



QUESTION: Good afternoon – Will attempt to make this one fast. Know you might be busy. Have you ever ever requested Socrates the best way to “defeat” its predictions? Or to scale back volatility/amplitude of projected occasions?

(Actually, you need to be acknowledged alongside Adam Smith, Ricardo, et al. in your discoveries and contributions.)


ANSWER: As a result of all the world is linked, it doesn’t seem that it’s attainable to stop an occasion from unfolding. I’ve come to the conclusion that the very best we are able to ever hope to perform is to scale back the magnitude of volatility.

The CFTC had even subpoenaed me demanding an inventory of all my shoppers worldwide. I defeated them in court docket. Their argument was that I had been manipulating the world financial system and by turning over my shopper record, they might show the magnitude of my affect. These individuals don’t imagine in forecasting for they solely imagine in manipulating society. Even Larry Summers claimed that in case you create a mannequin that really labored, then that may dictate the long run.

What these individuals miss is the truth that we’re all linked globally. For this reason authorities IS THE PROBLEM for they suppose that they will manipulate the long run. However since we’re all linked globally, it’s inconceivable for one nation to change the course of the worldwide development.

The world financial system can’t be manipulated. It’s far too advanced to change the course of all the globe. It has been governments which have at all times created struggle. Have a look at each time the bankers thought that that they had the assured excellent commerce, they’ve blown up and run to the federal government for bailouts.

Their allegation towards me has by no means modified. If I say gold will double and it does, it’s ONLY as a result of I’ve too many individuals as followers quite than the truth that the pc has recognized the development.

So Socrates has confirmed on many events – the world financial system should journey by these cycles. It’s simply how society capabilities.

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